It’s the simple things.

Tomorrow is my last day off before going back to work from a much needed four day weekend, so I decided to hit the sack early and get a few extra hours of sleep. All I want to do these past few days is sleep my ass off, thanks to the beautiful fact that I finally got a new bed after having been sleeping on a couch for the past three years.

So I lay down about 4am because, for me and my ridiculous second shift centric life, 4am is early. Maybe a little too early. Even though I have this bomb ass bed complete with a duck feather pillow and it feels like I’m sleeping on an actual cloud, 4am is too early for me to possibly pass out under any circumstances.

I turned the TV back on and watched Hank Hill talk about propane for a few minutes before heading outside for a smoke, and what I’m about to say next will shock you!

Alright, not really but there was an adorable stray cat hanging out on the porch. Little bastard was probably spying on me for five minutes before I saw him out of the corner of my eye. Which, naturally, about gave me a heart attack because you normally only see raccoons or the occasional possum out here at night — both of which are fucking terrifying when you’re baked out of your mind and practically blind from staring at an obnoxiously bright LCD screen in the deep darkness of an overcast country night.

So I panicked and rushed to find the flashlight app on my phone, positive that whatever was cautiously inching towards me was foaming at the mouth ready to pass the rabies on to me, but no. It was just a cat.

An awesome, lonely cat.

He did the standard adorable cat routine of bashfully rubbing up against my leg, followed by an overly enthusiastic fist/head bump that almost threw him completely off balance.

I didn’t shoe him off with a broom like some kind of crazy cat hating prick, so it’s probably safe to say he’ll be inviting himself onto my porch as often as he likes from now on. I’ll probably make it even worse and give him something to eat one of these days; who knows. His being there was a pleasant surprise, nonetheless.

I don’t care if you’re rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, black, white — atheist or zealot. Some things in life are bigger than our personas or bank accounts will ever be. It’s the little, simple things like that. Coincidentally bumping into a new furry friend at four in the morning is enough of a reward in itself to make you truly appreciate life and its totally random nature.

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